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A common thought is that if your car won’t start, the battery is “dead”. In reality, the battery may be a failed battery and is “dead”, but often the battery is “discharged”, which means the battery still has life, but for some reason is not being recharged properly or there is a parasitic drain on the battery when the vehicle is not in use. We have the testing equipment and expertise to determine which case is affecting your battery, so come by and let our experts test your battery!

Absolutely not! Bring them in to Master Battery and we will properly dispose of these batteries items with EPA-approved smelters at no charge to you!

Yes we do! We have over 100 SKU’s of cell phone batteries and over 50 SKU’s of camera batteries in stock for you in our Knoxville location. Either location can accept your order and direct ship your purchase to you within a day or two!

We do! We buy lead-acid batteries every day and we pay competitive market prices per pound for them. Please give our locations a call to determine pricing. We offer competitive prices on large quantities as well!

Great question! In order to replace a battery under warranty due to manufacturer defect, we have to first determine if the battery is only discharged or if it has a bad cell or connection. Our manufacturer partners require us to perform certain tests on the batteries before we can submit a claim for warranty. In some cases, we can only determine this if we recharge the battery overnight, and then discharge and load test the battery after this process. If we have to keep the battery, we will always provide you with a loaner battery. If the battery is not the issue and it is the charging system, then a new battery will not correct the problem, so we want to make sure you are properly taken care of.

Another great question, the U.S. sees over a 99% recycling rate of lead-acid batteries and Master Battery is proud to be a part of this awesome accomplishment!

We sure do, Noco is our best in class brand, and we have booster packs that can start motorcycles, ATV’s, and cars all the way up to large trucks and heavy equipment!

We do carry primarily batteries for cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, golf carts and ATV’s, but we also carry a large supply of alkalines (AA, AAA, etc.), flashlights, “button” batteries (for things such as key fobs, garage door openers, and small electronics), watch batteries and batteries for alarm systems and kids riding toys.

We make custom cables for your equipment (such as new battery cables), rebuild battery packs for your power tools, and we are now a Power Wheels/Fisher Price service center and a Razor service center.